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Osu, Accra

Created with Adobe Illustrator

For this next project, my teacher randomly assigned each student an up-and-coming city around the world. We then had to rebrand the city's logo and create a new logo, advertisements, pattern, slogan, and color palette. Although I didn’t get to choose the city, I was really happy with the end result of this project. 

    I was assigned the city of Osu, Accra in Ghana. This is a young, up-and-coming city that’s full of life and vibrancy. The target audience for the city’s ads was aimed towards millennials that like to travel to new places. With this being said, I kept that in mind for my ideation and color palette for the city. It’s by the ocean and when researching I decided to focus on pastel colors and focus on the playful feeling I get from this beautiful city. 

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