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Winter Olympics Poster

Created With Adobe Illustrator and After Effects

These two pieces were created in my Information Design class. In this class, we focused on heavy text, data and focusing on a way to inform people through design. 

This Winter Olympics poster focuses on the medals won by women skiers in the 2014 Olympics. I tried to focus on the hierarchy of layout. I wanted to inform people but not make them feel overwhelmed with the data they are seeing. I believe I accomplished this by balancing graphics and text. I really enjoyed this project because I love skiing and was watching the Olympics during the project for inspiration. 

The next project I completed in Information Design was a self-data animation. I recorded my mileage and time in the car daily for a month. I then compared it to The Federal Highway Association’s averages. Once completing my pie charts and graphs, I then created animations to add depth to this piece. This project is targeted at people who want to know averages and may use it to see their impact on the planet and want to monitor their carbon footprint.

Winter Olympics.png
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