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Lacher Dino Game Ideation

For this project, the marketing and I met and discussed creating an ad that was creative and different from anything we've seen before. After deliberation, we had decided to focus on making a video game to grab people attention since insurance isn't always an attention grabber.

After this meeting, I researched some video games and decided I wanted one that was super simple and also could be related back to insurance. I appreciated how the Google Chrome Dino game had simplicity but kept a person's interest. So, with that in mind I started creating sketches of the Dino game, tagline at the end, and included the buttons and links I wanted included.

I then worked with a highly skilled video game coder to bring my vision to life. He did a great job and I was highly impressed by the outcome of this idea. I believe this captures just what I wanted it to. It's creative, original, maintains the viewer's interest, and relates to insurance. You can see an image of the game and are also able to play it on your right.

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